LiFan company(including Asian products Superstore and Chinese Medical Clinic) provides Asian natural products, cosmetics and skin care products, healthy products, food , chinese medical service and so on, retail service (including wholesale service ),post products or delivry service. The pursuit of excellence in health-related quality of life, your demand is our pursuit. To the quality of survival, reputation and promote development is our constant craving. Therefore, we will continue to our efforts, to provide more and better products and better service for our customers .利帆公司(包括亚洲产品超市和中医)提供亚洲天然产品,美容护肤品,保健品,食品,中医药服务等零售为主,兼顾批发业务.邮寄产品或送货服务。一切为了您们的满意而努力,您的需求就是我们的追求。以质量求生存,以信誉促发展,树立公司品牌形象,并且,我们将继续不断努力提供更多更好的产品和服务。

Food, Skincare and beauty, Spices(seasoning), Soup, Drink, Noodles, Tofu, Rice, Frozen, Sausages,

Fresh fruit and vegetables, Live, Dry and Canned products cuisines from all over the far east :Chinese(including Hongkang and Taiwan), Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Philippines, Vietnamese, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma, Korean and more than 2000 kinds of amazing Asian products choice , welcome to our store visit ,shopping and enjoy it . 食品,美容护肤品,调料(佐料),汤料,饮料,面条,豆腐,大米,冰冻产品,香肠,新鲜蔬菜和水果,鲜品,干货和罐装榨菜等所有远东亚洲产品:中国(香港和台湾产品),泰国,马来西亚,日本,菲律宾,越南,新加坡,印度尼西亚,缅甸,韩国等2000多种亚洲美味产品可供选择,欢迎到我们超市参观、选购和享受亚洲美味。

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