1,Our Products can not be exchanged or returned unless there are problems with the products, because of health and safety issues;如果不是我们产品本身的问题,为了健康和安全原因,产品不能更换或退换;

 2, Products can not be exchanged or returned if it is damaged deliberately or opened and used;


 3, Customer is charged for returning the products unless there is something wrong with the products; 如果不是产品本身有问题,退换产品要收费;

 4, Customer is allowed to return or exchange the products whithin 3-7 days( ordered from the computation of time); 允许退换的产品,限制在3到7天内(从购买日算起);

 5, Products can not be exchanged if they are discounted or expired in a month time; 如果是打折产品或有效期在1个月的,不能退换;

 6, Evidence (receipts or statement) is required when returning or exchanging products; 退换或更换产品,要求必须提供证明(收据或账单);

 7, Free delivery when you spend over £50.0 or more one time , Accept Sterling only (free delivery Sunday only within 3 miles ,excluding medical services and discounted products ); 一次消费超过50镑或更多,免费送货上门,只接受英镑(仅在周日免费送货服务,3英里以内,不包括医疗服务消费和打折产品);Post or delivery products to your house service邮寄或投递产品服务;

 8, The company has right for anything else which is not explained or included in the policy.所有未尽事宜归公司解释。